Conference on the future of the EU and European Law

10. May 2018

To make professional contributions to the debate on which direction the European Union should take, and to increase the awarness of its current development in the broad Czech public - those were the main goals of the conference called The Future of the EU and European Law, organised by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in EU Law at Palacký University on 19-20 April 2018.

The two-day international and multidisciplinary event brought 273 participants to the Faculty of Law, out of whom 36 gave presentations. "The theme of the conference was not chosen randomly. We tried to reflect the reality that the Union is in critical moment of its further development. Discussion on the perspective of the EU have been our daily bread, but at this very moment such debates have abandoned the realm of mere theory and advanced to the choice of specific political scenarios and realistic foundations for in indepth reform and transformation of the very ground of the Union," explained Naděžda Šišková, Head of the Jean Monnet Centre Excellence in EU Law.