Three years of Jean Monnet Chair: new courses, lectures and science

09. November 2018

Three years of Jean Monnet Chair: new courses, lectures and science

As a result of a 3-years implementation of the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair grant at the Faculty of Law at Palacky University, students were able to experience a number of high-ranking professional performances, particularly lectures and workshops from the area of European law, but also other teaching innovations.

Indeed, Jean Monnet Activities aim to promote excellence in teaching and research in the fields of European Union studies and European law worldwide, focusing on enhancement of EU policies and bringing together the distinct figures of academia and policy-makers. The Jean Monnet Chair in particular is a teaching post with a specialisation in European Union studies for university professors, under the framework of which a Palacky team of legal experts led by Dr. Vaclav Stehlik, the head of the department of International and European Law, worked on the completion of different projects.

The practical outcomes for students were for example an enlargement of the list of interesting EU related subjects to choose from such as European migration law, European social law or the European law of public grants. Furthermore, moot courts competitions and student research activities were promoted, a special collection of student papers on European social law was published, and many top-ranked practitioners and professors from abroad came to deliver specialised lectures. One of the distinctive events was a professional symposium ‘Legal responses to forced mass migration: regional approaches and perspectives’ in 2016 which brought more than 80 experts from 4 different continents to the beautiful city of Olomouc. Even though the grant period came to an end in August, the evaluation results seem to be strong, and the prestigious Jean Monnet mark will persist and will be helpful at arranging future projects.