Times Higher Education Summit in Olomouc

23. May 2018

UP hosted the prestigious THE summit, and got top marks for its handling the event.

Determining the strong and weak points of Central European universities and research institutions and building new strategic partnerships. These are just several of the results gleaned from the global summit Research Excellence: New Europe Summit, which was hosted by Palacký University in April. At the unique meeting, the first ever held in Central Europe, the prestigious Times Higher Education ranking company announced the first evaluation of the universities of the countries in the "New Europe".

One of the goals of the summit was to make the Central Europe region more visible, in regards to its huge potential to compete at the top level in Europe within ten or fifteen years in education and research. The institutions here however face a number of challenges, often quite significant ones. And thus this summit became a suitable space for sharing experiences and subsequent ideas of strategies how to improve weaknesses.

The highlight of the summit was the publication of the THE New Europe 2018 ranking, which for the first time evaluated universities from the 13 countries which have joined the EU since 2004. The Czech Republic has the highest number of universities listed in the rankings, with 13. Three Czech universities placed in the Top Ten: Charles University in Prague at number four, Masaryk University Brno at number seven, and Palacký University Olomouc at number ten.