Winning team sets up an application for customer protection over the weekend

26. November 2018

Winning team sets up an application for customer protection over the weekend

An online application in charge of solving customer issues of regular customers won the first student LegalTech Hackathon organised by the Deloitte Legal law firm. One member of the winning team was also Palacky University’s Jiri Styblo, a 3rd year law student, who believes that the app could be actually used to serve the interests of costumers in the future.

Over thirty students from legal, technical and economic backgrounds took part in the first-year of the innovative LegalTech Hackhathon competition, setting up 6 strong teams. Their task was to connect law with technologies and to come up with an interesting and useful app. Since the assignment was quite broad, it was basically up to the group itself to decide which area of law will be covered, and the winning team took their chances with a topic they were already well-acquainted with, the customer law.

Their app consisted of 10 closed questions, witch, at the end, advised on the next steps relating to the complaint procedure or responsibility for damages. In fact, the app could even generate forms based on different results, such as the right of cancellation form.
The competition is very future-oriented and creative since all the groups focus on different topics and the potential areas of intersection of law and innovation are immense. The winning team does not intend to stop with their work, on the contrary, the members already registered an online domain to improve the app while making it available to everyone. It is anticipated that the next year’s Hackhathon will result in equally successful projects which can in turn become the starting point for interesting career options.