Summer Law School Olomouc on Medical Law

Are you interested in enhancing and expanding your knowledge in the field of alternative dispute resolution in healthcare? Would you like to spend two amazing weeks in Olomouc, Czech Republic focusing on issues related to this very interesting and attractive topic from theoretical as well as practical point of view? Then, join our Summer Law School Olomouc on Medical Law.

In the course of past decades, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has been introduced into an ever-growing number of areas of law including medical law. It is used not only in medical malpractice cases, but also in disputes between the providers of health services, the health insurance companies, and the patients (insured persons). Comprising negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other techniques of dispute resolution outside of the traditional court proceedings, ADR is often praised for its cost-effectiveness and time-effectiveness, flexibility, confidentiality, and respect for unique aspects of a particular case. However, the use of ADR in healthcare also gives rise to many serious questions regarding its suitability and, in some cases, even legality. Summer Law School Olomouc on Medical Law 2019 will offer many lectures and discussions on this fascinating topic that will be increasingly more important for both the theory and the practice of health law in the years to come.

Duration: 7th-21 st July 2019
Price: 1180 EU
Credits: 5 ECTS

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