Our characteristics

  • Ability to work together – our team has together completed dozens of projects (European, international, national); we lead successful teams in moot court competitions; our rule is to make important decisions collectively; we are close colleagues sharing a dedication to excellence.
  • International experience – each member of our team has solid international experience and is a part of valuable international networks. Key teachers have completed part of their studies and numerous research fellowships at prestigious schools and institutions (among others London, Oslo, Brisbane, Paris, Giessen, The Hague, Heidelberg, Chicago, Oxford).
  • Strong research base – every member of our team has a rich publishing background reflecting most recent doctrinal outcomes. We understand the quality of research and depth of scholarship as a prerequisite for outstanding results in teaching.
  • Innovative and individual approach – we use modern methods of teaching, giving students wide space for their personal growth and expression; we provide the practically oriented studies where courses are oriented on skills development, actual experience, and applicability in prospective careers.
  • Ambitions and hard work – we invest our knowledge and dedication in our students in order to provide the opportunity for their success in their professional careers, based on the challenge, the excellence and support provided in our programme.


International Relations Office
Faculty of Law, Palacký University Olomouc
Tř. 17. Listopadu 8, 771 11 Olomouc
Czech Republic
Phone +420 585 637 675 | E-mail: