Ongoing projects

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The Centre is a respected institute supported by the European Commission that focuses on essential legal challenges of the EU. It organizes think-tanks, conferences, round-tables and other meetings with representatives and members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, judges of the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Court of Human Rights. The aim of the Centre is to enhance discussion on and increase awareness about the EU.

Jean Monnet Chair

The Chair is a prestigious award by the European Commission that recognises a high quality of teaching and research of the holder. It focuses on advanced tuition, research and organization of seminars concerning the EU law. It concentrates on various issues of EU economic law such as EU Internal market, EU Competition Law, EU Migration Law, EU Social law or EU external relations.

Czech Science Foundation Projects

Relation between the Czech and EU Competition Law

The project is aimed at evaluating the actual level of harmonization between the Czech and EU Competition Law and at analyzing the experience with parallel application of national and EU competition law to the same conduct.

Foreign Dispute Resolution Clauses – Their Validity and Enforcement by Czech National Courts

The main objective of research is legal analysis of validity and enforceability of procedural clauses relating to cross border disputes in practice of Czech national courts and its comparison with current international practice and legal doctrine.

The Characteristics and the Role of European Consensus in the Interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights

The objective of the project is to find out. i) what role European consensus plays in interpreting of the Convention ii) what is its definition (in connection to international customary law) iii) in what fields the Court resorts to apply the consensus iv) whether this interpretative method is appropriate to human rights interpretation.


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