Ivana Procházková, Czech Erasmus student

Being a Czech student interested in international aspects of law I could not possibly make any better choice. Whether there were various moot courts, summer law school, Erasmus programme or any other activity abroad, all the faculty members and staff were always very nice to me and appeared to be supportive and helpful with my ideas and aims. Take a chance on Olomouc and experience the warm atmosphere of Palacký University.

Leopoldo Esposito, Italian Erasmus student and trainee

Olomouc is an amazing city! This YOLOmouc, as usually is named by all the foreign students, is not just a student city (and you will see it is), but it is also a city where you will find everything you need. If someone asked me to describe Olomouc in a word, I would say: comfortable! Comfortable because of the nice accommodation, comfortable because if you are looking for sport, you have it, if you are looking forward to study, you have an amazing library (with night room!), if you look for fun, you will find it anyway. And don´t forget Olomouc is situated in the middle of Europe, so before you come here, save some money and you can easily travel all around Europe from Olomouc for the cheapest price ever. And the most important point for me and my experience (I first came to Olomouc to study and then to work), it is the university. Professors and all the responsible university staff were always willing to help and give advice, whatever I needed!

Tuomas Heikkinen, Ph.D. student from Finland

I first experienced Olomouc as an Erasmus student, but I decided to return for my Ph.D. in International and European Law. I happily recommend the Palacký University Faculty of Law to all international students, especially because of the individual approach and pleasant, almost „family“ atmosphere.

Anastasiia Zhemchugova, exchange student from Ukraine

When I started thinking about studying abroad, I looked at a variety of European schools’ rankings and their ratings. Finally, I chose Olomouc as a beautiful students’ town with a rich history. At Palacký University, there’s plenty of study options and the faculty is excellent. Also general conditions, from the Law Faculty’s facilities through to students’ accommodation and other services, are ideal. All this allowed me to fully concentrate on my studies.


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