Václav Stehlík

Assoc. prof. JUDr. Václav Stehlík, LL.M., Ph.D. is an associate professor of EU law, Head of the Department of International and European Law and Jean Monnet Chair holder in EU law. In M.I.E.L. programme he teaches courses focused on EU constitutional and institutional law, EU economic law and internal market and EU external Relations.

Contact: vaclav.stehlik@upol.cz

Education and professional experience

Václav completed law studies in Olomouc (M.A., 2000), postgraduate law degree in London (LL.M., 2004) and in Brno (Ph.D., 2005); doctoral degree in Brno (JUDr., 2008), master studies in English language and literature in Olomouc (2008), professorship procedure in EU law in Brno (2014). He held a position of a Fulbright Researcher at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Václav is guarantor and coordinator of master and doctoral studies in English at the Faculty of Law in Olomouc and Co-editor of International and Comparative Law Review. He works as an external evaluator of research projects (esp. National Science Agency in Poland and in Slovakia, European Commission in Brussels – Horizon 2020, Grant Scheme of Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic). He is a member of the Commission for Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations (Faculty of law in Brno, Paneuropean University in Bratislava), member of professional legal associations such as Czech Society for European and Comparative Law, Czech Association of Lawyers and Czech Association of European Studies. He is a Member of the Academic Senate of Faculty of Law in Olomouc and Member of the Scientific Council, Faculty of Law in Olomouc.

Václav implemented a number of research and academic projects including a Jean Monnet module on EU external relations (2010), projects awarded by the Czech Grant Agency, European Commission or Palacky University. He is a holder of Jean Monnet Chair awarded by the European Commission (since 2015).

Research fields and expertise

Václav teaches courses on EU integration including EU Constitutional Law, EU Human Rights Protection, EU Internal Market, EU judicial system or EU External Relations Law. He has participated as a coach in EU moot court competitions.

His research focuses on the EU judicial system, enforcement of EU market rules in national legal orders, clash between national procedural rules and EU law and EU rules on the human rights protection. His research outcomes have been presented in a number of national and international conferences.

Most relevant publications

Václav is an author and co-author of several books/textbooks and a number of articles on the EU judicial system, interrelations between national courts and CJEU, application of EU by national courts, EU internal market or EU human rights protection. The most relevant are:

STEHLÍK, V. (ed.): Studies in EU External Relations, (in Czech) UP Olomouc, 2015, pp. 138

STEHLÍK, V., HAMUĽÁK, O., JIRÁSEK, J., BONČKOVÁ, H., PETR, M. EU Law before Czech Courts. Leges: Prague, (monograph, in Czech), 2014, 304 pp.

STEHLÍK, V., Hamuľák, O. Legal Issues of EU Internal Market: Understanding Four Freedoms, UP Olomouc (monograph, in English), 2013, 248 pp.

HAMUĽÁK, O., STEHLÍK, V.: European Union Constitutional Law: Revealing the Complex Constitutional System of the European Union, UP Olomouc (monograph, in English), 2013, 203 pp.

STEHLÍK, V: Application of national procedural rules in the context of EU law, Leges: Prague, 2012 (monograph, in Czech), 2012, 258 pp.

STEHLÍK, V. The obligatory preliminary ruling procedure and its enforcement in the Czech and Slovak legal order, UWM Law Review, Poland, (article, in English), vol. 3, 2011, 19 pp.