Vlastimil Fiala

Assoc. prof. PhDr. Vlastimil Fiala, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Political Science, Head of the Department of Politics and Social Sciences. In the M.I.E.L. programme he teaches courses focused on history of the European Union.

Contact: Vlastimil.Fiala@upol.cz

Education and professional experience

Vlastimil Fiala completed history studies in Olomouc (M.A., 1984), postgraduate historical degree at Oriental Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Science (Prague, 1989); doctoral degree in Olomouc (PhDr., 1987), professorship procedure in Political Science in Olomouc (1998). He held a position of a COST Researcher at the European Studies Research Unit at Lancaster University and received the Award Prize of the WEU to do research at the Clingendael, The Netherlands Institute of International Affairs at Hague.

V. Fiala is co-guarantor and coordinator of master studies in European Studies with specialisation in European law. He works as an external evaluator of research projects (esp. National Science Agency in Poland, Grant Scheme of Charles University in Prague). He is a chairman of the Commission for Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations at Department of Politics, Faculty of Arts, University of Hradec Kralove, member of the Commission for PhD. (Faculty of International Sciences, Economics School), he is vice-president of Czech Society for African Studies, and member of Executing committee of the Czech Society for Political Sciences. He is a member of the Scientific Councils at Faculty of Law in Olomouc, Faculty of Arts in Hradec Králové, and Faculty of Public Politics in Opava.

V. Fiala implemented a number of research and academic projects including a Jean Monnet module on EU history (1998), projects awarded by the Czech Grant Agency, European Commission or Palacky University.

Research fields and expertise

V. Fiala teaches courses on EU history, Politics, Comparative Politics, Czech Political System, Common Foreign and Security Politics, Methodological Methods, and few more. His research focuses on the EU issues, including European Integration theories, national interests of EU members, African political partisanship. His research outcomes have been presented in a number of national and international conferences.

Most relevant publications

V. Fiala is an author and co-author of more than 20 books/textbooks and a number of articles on European Integration theories, EU members´ national interests, decentralization, role of political actors in decision-making, political parties in Africa, etc. The most relevant are:

  • Fiala, Vlastimil: The Czech Republic: From Visegrad to Brussels. The Netherlands Institute of International Affairs, The Hague, 1995. 95 pages.
  • Fiala, Vlastimil: Skandinávské politické systémy. Olomouc, Moneta FM, 2001. 256p.
  • Fiala, V. – Říchová, B.: Úloha politických aktérů v procesu decentralizace. Olomouc, Moneta-FM, 2002, 616p.