Before you arrive

Master in International and European Law Programme


The following information sums up the basic and most important facts and requirements.

Always check the current conditions on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( and contact the nearest Czech embassy for updated and complete information.

Visa requirements according to the country of origin

  • EU citizens + citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

These citizens do not need a visa, just a travel document for entering the country (ID, Passport).

  • Foreign nationals from outside the EU do need a visa

There are two types – short-stay and long-stay visa. The short-stay visa (type C) is valid for max. 90 days. If you stay over 90 days you can apply either for the long-stay visa (type D) or if you stay more than 6 months it is recommended to apply for a long-term residence permit.

The residence of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic is governed by the Act on the Residence of Aliens in the Territory of the Czech Republic (Act 326/99, as amended).

You must apply for (and obtain) a visa before your departure for the Czech Republic. The processing time is up to 60 days (but it might take longer) and therefore it is recommended to apply for your visa or long-term residence permit as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance.

The following documents are required for a student visa or a long-term residence permit:

  • Completed application
  • Valid passport and passport photos
  • Documents related to the purpose of the stay (e.g. a letter of acceptance from the university)
  • Proof of funds for your stay (e.g. a bank statement or a confirmation of being beneficiary of a grant or scholarship)
  • Affidavit that you will not be receiving any social benefits
  • Proof of accommodation – this is submitted by Palacký University directly to the embassy via data box, you can request a print-out
  • Proof of health insurance valid in the Czech Republic (please note that the health insurance must be a complex one, not a basic one!)
  • A criminal records check

Citizens of selected countries may be required to provide extra documents – e.g. health card report (African countries), etc.

Please note that all documents must not be older than 1 month!

All documents must be submitted in Czech language. Documents originally in another language must be accompanied by a certified translation in Czech language.

All documents must not be older than one month.

Please also note that the list above is only informative, for an authoritative list of documents to be submitted always check the webpages of relevant Czech authorities, e.g. the webpage of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Alternatively information can be obtained from the webpage

For more information or if you need help with arranging your visa, please contact the International Relations Office at,

Health Insurance

Students from non-EU countries are required to arrange comprehensive health insurance.

Students from EU countries only need to bring a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and have it registered after the arrival in the Czech Republic to receive the state-provided health care.

It is also worthwhile considering travel insurance arrangement covering private healthcare or costs for a transportation back home, repatriation or lost/stolen property.

Detailed information

It is the responsibility of each student to have their health insurance arranged for the entire time of their stay in the Czech Republic.

EU students are requested to bring along a ‘European Health Insurance Card’ (EHIC). The students should apply for the EHIC at a national health insurance provider in their home country before departure. The valid card will give you an access to state-provided health care during your temporary stay in the Czech Republic. Please note that it does not guarantee free services.

International students/non EU citizens must arrange comprehensive medical insurance for the whole period of their study stay at Palacký University. It is recommended to choose the provider of the health insurance based also on a number of medical facility and doctors that are bound by contracts with a certain health insurance company. Currently the incoming international students have had some positive experience with the following providers. The below mentioned companies offer online services which can be appreciated by visa students who may need to arrange and submit a proof of the health insurance within the visa application process:

Please note that it is also possible to arrange your comprehensive health insurance directly at VZP (General Medical Insurance Company of the Czech Republic) after your arrival. As it is the biggest provider of the health insurance in the Czech Republic, you can rely on an acceptance of your VZP health insurance by most doctors.

International students/EU citizens coming with a valid EHIC (see above) should register at the VZP, Olomouc office after their arrival. Only submission of a valid EHIC is required. The central International Relations Office of the Palacký University provides basic instructions and helps students with the registration.