Facilities and Services

Ph.D. International and European Law


On campus accommodation

The Palacký University offers accommodation for students, teachers and visitors in one of the 12 halls of residence. Housing is guaranteed for students and teachers from abroad. Most of the halls of residence are located in the Envelopa area (near the city centre) and in the Neředín campus (located at the outskirts of Olomouc aprox. 10 minutes from the city centre by tram).

Although residence halls vary in size, all rooms are equipped at least with a desk, a bed and closet space for each student. Normally, two students (in some cases three students) share a room and two rooms share a bathroom. Each suite is equipped with a refrigerator and an incoming telephone and internet connection. All resident buildings contain recreation areas, TV and study rooms and cooking facilities (no cooking utensils and dishes, though). Bedding is changed usually every two weeks. Cleaning facilities, iron, ironing board, key to launderette are available for a low fee at the reception.

Are you interested to see how the accomodation offered by the Palacký University looks like? Take a virtual tour! You can open the virtual tour here.

Unfortunately, no university housing is available for students with families. Should you plan to come with your spouse and/or family, you will have to find a private housing, which is more expensive. The Palacký University International Liaison Office will assist you, but cannot guarantee an adequate place for a reasonable price.

Detailed information is available here: Practical information about accommodation Palacký University Accommodation and Dining Office website

If you have any questions concerning accommodation prior to your arrival, please contact International Relations Office.

Library, copy
and print services

The Palacký University Library

The Palacký University Library consists of the Central Library (Zbrojnice), libraries located at the faculties and the British Centre.

Aside from the tens of thousands of books and other publications, the libraries have wireless connection for laptops, vending machines, computer labs, an overnight reading room, a clubroom with comfortable sofas, a microwave oven, and an electric kettle to make tea or coffee. Please note that all library services are available only for holders of valid ID cards.

More information and opening hours of the libraries are available here.

Library services

  • Free access to the loan stock
  • External and internal loans
  • Reservations from library stock
  • Information about the reader’s loans
  • Inter-library loans (including international loans)
  • On-line access to electronic information resources
  • Electronic information resources training
  • Individual consultations on available databases
  • Advice on new databases
  • Multimedia players (CD, DVD)
  • Network connection for laptops (cabled or wireless). Manuals for WiFi connection in English are available at the Armoury central desk.
  • Copy and print services
A short tour of the library for groups of students (by appointment only)

The library offers a short tour for groups of students. This is especially useful at the beginning of your studies. Ask for more details at the front desk of the central library. If you find enough people to form a group, the librarians will give you a tour of the whole library and its services.

Night study

If you are a night owl, you can take advantage of night study hours. Although the library reading rooms on the first floor are closed at night, a smaller reading room is available on the ground floor. Throughout the night there is access to the university network (wireless), a toilet, as well as food and beverage vending machines. Entrance to the reading room is possible via the student ID card.

Other libraries in Olomouc

  • Research Library in Olomouclocation: Bezručova 3, web: www.vkol.cz
    Mon-Fri: 8.30am – 7pm | Sat: 9am – 1pm
  • The Municipal Library of Olomouclocation: nám. Republiky 1, web: www.ok-olomouc.cz
    Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 8am – 6pm | Sat: 8am – 12am
  • Library of the Olomouc Museum of National Art and Historylocation: nám. Republiky 823
    Mon-Fri: 9am – 11am

Copy and print services

With the ISIC card you can make copies and print out documents at computer labs and faculty libraries. The ISIC card also serves for the payment for these services. You can charge (top up) the card at designated charging terminals at the library desks). Also, there are copy centres in the city centre, which accept any electronic storage device to make copies and print. On average, rates range from 1 to 2 CZK per A4 page.

Counselling and assistance

Palacký University provides a complex of consultanship for students, academic staff, graduates and prospective students. The counselling is carried out at the individual faculties and covers wide scale of study, psychological, spiritual, law and occupation spheres.

Special Needs Centre

The Special Needs Centre at the Department of Special Education of the Pedagogical Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc provides complex services to students and staff of Palacký University in Olomouc with any category of disablement, with specific learning disorder or communication difficulties. If you need assistance because of a disability, please contact the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs.

Address and contact:Faculty of Education, Žižkovo nám. 5, 779 00 Olomouc
Tel.: +420 585 635 323, mobile phone: +420 775 124 696
E-mail: lucia.pastierikova@upol.cz

Multicultural consulting

The Career Counselling Centre provides consulting services and aid to all international students. If you are in a situation you cannot cope with on your own, have any academic or practical problems that you need help with, feel lonely or have any other personal problems, feel free to contact the centre at: ppc@upol.cz.

Address and contact:
The Career Counselling Centre, The Faculty of Arts, tř. Svobody 26, Olomouc
Tel. +420 585 633 250

Learning Czech and more

The Summer School

The Summer School of Slavonic Languages (SSSL) at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University in Olomouc organizes courses of Czech language for foreigners, as well as other Slavonic languages, like Russian and Polish in particular, for students from other countries. It may be a good idea to take a course before starting your studies at Palacký University. The summer classes are complemented with events such as a film club, a theatre workshop, a folklore dance workshop, two one-day trips and a weekend trip to Prague.

For more information go to: www.lsss.upol.cz or email: lsss@upol.cz

Survival Czech

This is a short, four-day course held during the Orientation Week. It is designed for true beginners as it teaches basic phrases, greetings, requests, and simple questions used in everyday life in the Czech Republic. If you want to attend the Survival Czech course, you need to register in advance (a registration form is sent to all students by email).

Czech Language Courses

Palacký University provides a free course of Czech for Foreigners for international short-term students throughout the academic year. The course starts at the beginning of each semester. You will be asked to take a placement test first to identify your language skills and select the appropriate course. There are always courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Students who regularly attend the course, fulfil the tasks and pass the final exam are granted credits for the semester course. Updated information regarding the placement test, instructors, classrooms, etc. is provided in the Orientation Week and also at: www.kb.upol.cz/czech-for-foreigners.

Address and contact:
The Faculty of Arts, Department of Czech Studies, Křížkovského 10, 779 00, Olomouc
E-mail: darina.hradilova@upol.cz

Aside from Czech language courses designed for international short-term students, there are also tailored courses of Czech language for prospective international students, who are planning to join a BA or MA programme. These courses are organized by The Centre of Distance Learning of the Faculty of Arts.

Address and contact:
The Faculty of Arts, tř. Svobody 26, 779 00, Olomouc
E-mail: veronika.glogarova@upol.cz

UPLIFT – language school of the Faculty of Arts

You can study various languages at the brand new language school of Palacký University – UPLIFT. The University offers subsidized academic English courses for international students. For more information about the courses, visit the website. You could also take up Czech as a foreign language as part of your study programme.

Address and contact:
The Faculty of Arts, tř. Svobody 26, 779 00, Olomouc

Foreign Language Department at the Faculty of Law

Aside from general language courses of all levels, the department provides a range of specialised courses in bachelor’s and master’s programmes, for instance courses specializing in various disciplines (sociology, economy, history etc). Moreover, students can take advantage of a wide range of academically and professionally oriented courses, e.g. Academic English, Business English, and Professional Communication in English.

The Foreign Language Department specializes in technical language with a focus on legal terminology. You will learn grammar and vocabulary, as well as legal terminology of the basic legal sectors in selected countries, including a comparison of foreign-language names for identical or comparable institutions. The classes also focus on legislative, executive, and judicial powers in the given language in comparison with Czech terminology. The Department also provides courses of legal Czech for French-speaking students.

Address and contact:The Faculty of Law, tř. 17. listopadu 8, Olomouc
Tel.: +420 585 637 537
E-mail: leona.cerna@upol.cz

The British Centre

The British Centre offers specialised services in English language teaching and learning, language exams and international certificates. If you are thinking of getting a Cambridge English certificate (FCE and CAE), this is the place for you.

Address and contact:
Křížkovského 8, 771 00 Olomouc
Tel.: +420 585 631 874
E-mail: bc@upol.cz

The Confucius Institute — the Centre for Chinese Language

Have you ever wanted to learn Chinese or calligraphy? The experienced team of tutors and graduates of the Confucius Institute at the Department of Asian Studies offers lectures and training in various aspects of China and Chinese culture.

Address and contact:
Křížkovského 8, Olomouc
Tel.: +420 585 631 256
E-mail: konfucius@upol.cz

Sports and Leisure

Palacký University offers its facilities and services for sports and re-creation to students, academic and non-academic staff, and also to external public. There is a wide choice to offer: open space sports grounds as well as the large Sports Hall with facilities for training and championships of volleyball, basketball and handball. The Sports Hall is used for re-creational sports activities, sports education and for organization of international matches and for sports events on the European and world level. The university Boathouse is open up to students interested in rowing on the river Morava. The Olomouc Canoeing Club ranks among the best in the republic. Programs for leisure time sports activities of students and academics are organized by the Academic Sport Centre of Palacký University, situated in the Boathouse building. The center frames, organizes and offers various outdoor and indoor activities in Olomouc, and also re-creations such as winter skiing courses in the mountains or boating tours in summer.

Academic Sports Centre

Every year, the Academic Sports Centre organizes a whole range of various sport courses. In winter you can even go skiing, learn to snowboard or try snowblading. For adventurous souls there are snowshoe hikes with nights spent in hunting cabins. In summer you can go for an outdoor adventure course of windsurfing or paragliding. For a complete list of all the courses, check the Academic Sports Centre website. Throughout the year students can also take advantage of the Academic Fitness Gym.

Sport programmes

There are two types of sport programmes for UP students. The basic programme “Základní program” covers a wide range of sport activities – ball games, dances, aerobics, etc. The specialized programme “Speciální program” focuses on the more exotic sports – climbing, indoor cycling, archery, etc.

In order to participate students need to buy a sports pass (bring your ISIC and one passport photo). The Basic Programme pass is about 600/1,000 CZK per semester/year. Although students are generally asked to choose one sport, they are allowed to attend any other sport from the Basic Programme (unless they are full). The cost of the Specialized Programme pass varies depending on the selected sport. The sports card can be purchased in the first two weeks of the semester at the central canteen (location: tř. 17. listopadu). The UP ASC staff will be there with a printed list of programmes to help you choose the best option for you and tell you more about the courses. The sports passes are available for sale at their office.

Are you into running? Check the regular running practices by Jogito ergo sum (website in Czech only), a project coordinated by the Faculty of Physical Culture.

Bajkazyl Olomouc

Bajkazyl Olomouc is the Olomouc branch of the Prague Bajkazyl, a bike shop and bar. Offering full bicycle service, remanufacturing and the sale of retro bicycles, it also sells and repairs bike accessories and parts. Bajkazyl is committed to promoting the bike community in Olomouc and help the bicycle become a common means of transport in cities, which is why it also cooperates with the Faculty of Arts.

Address and contact: Vídeňská 5, Olomouc
E-mail: bajkazyl.olomouc@gmail.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BajkazylOlomouc


The main goal of the UPBike project is to get our students, lectors and staff on their bikes on the way to work and back home and create the best possible conditions for it. The UPBike Points at all faculties offer basic service tools and a bike pump for free. You can also use three UPBike Points in the city – Bajkazyl, Moolbike and Cyklo u Matesa, where your bike will be repaired for discounted price. All you need is your student ID. The unique bikesharing project Rekola is for all university students with a 50% discount. You just need to register with your university email.

Culture and Arts

Palacký University is not only a scientific and educational institution, but a remarkable culture and arts centre of the town and region too. With a beautiful baroque Corpus Christi Chapel functioning as a concert hall, the Film Hall and Theatre Hall for film and drama performances, the Palacký University Art Centre – a newly restored baroque building of former Jesuit College – is a meeting spot of personalities and ensambles and an imporant venue for various exhibitions. Art exhibitions, open air concerts and drama performances also take place at the Palacký University Information Centre (former Theresian Armory).

Address and contact:
Palacký University Arts Centre
Univerzitní 3
779 00 Olomouc

Lucie Měsícová
Arts Centre manager
tel.: +420 585 633 099
e-mail: lucie.mesicova@upol.cz

tel.: +420 585 633 100