About the Programme

Ph.D. International and European Law

Key features

  • a 3-year (6 semesters) full-time study programme with the possibility of study period extension up to 6 years
  • challenging degree programme in international and European law
  • close contact with professors
  • stimulating environment
  • scholarship and grant opportunities for outstanding students
  • Palacký University ranks second best Czech University (and 573rd in global ranking) among world’s best universities (CWUR, Center for World University Rankings)

Programme overview

Ph.D. International and European Law Programme is a post-graduate full-time study programme that combines an advanced law formation and research in international and European law. Tuition and research is supervised by internationally experienced academics.

Students will acquire a deep understanding of international and European law. They also have an opportunity to choose from a variety of specialised subjects reflecting research interest of individual students. Due to this unique combination of international and European law formation students are well theoretically equipped to conduct a contextual and in-depth research. Next to the theoretical focus the programme offers courses on research methods, conduct of independent academic research and presentation of outcomes. Students may also have teaching responsibilities.

Research topics focus especially on the following areas:

  • European Union Law (e.g. various issues of EU Constitutional Law, EU Economic Law, EU Social Law, EU Migration Law, EU External Relations, EU Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership, European Human rights, EU Judicial System, application of EU Law in national legal systems, esp. by constitutional courts, etc.)
  • Public International Law (e.g. various aspects of general international law, e.g. responsibility, non-state actors in international law, or specific areas, such as International Human Rights Law, Law on the Use of Force, Law of Armed Conflict, Law of International Organisations, International Humanitarian Law)
  • Private International Law (Including arbitration).

The postgraduate students are encouraged to participate in various conferences and workshops organised by the Faculty of Law or at other academic and research institutions. Excellent students may be supported by University scholarships and grants.

Organization of studies

The Ph.D. in international and European law is a 3-year (maximum a 6-year) full-time study programme. The full-time programme requires regular presence of students at the Faculty of Law, seminars for doctoral students are organized 3 or 4 times a semester.

All Ph.D. students must complete the same study duties, such as participation in lectures, submitting coursework, participation in workshops organized by the department where the student is enrolled, participation in conferences in the Czech Republic or abroad, publishing activities.

Ph.D. students must complete and present a dissertation, demonstrating originality and innovation on the subject of their advanced study and research. The subject is chosen by the candidate, but must be approved by the Faculty of Law. In order to complete the programme, students must present themselves for a defense of their disseration and a doctoral state examination on the subject of their thesis and its general field of scholarship. The doctoral state examination and the defense of the dissertation take an oral form and take place at the Faculty of Law of Palacky University in Olomouc.


Questions related to the curriculum

JUDr. Martin Faix, Ph.D., MJI
E-mail: martin.faix@upol.cz
tel.: +420 585 637 684

Questions related to Ph.D. research proposal 

doc. JUDr. Václav Stehlík, Ph.D., LL.M.
E-mail: vaclav.stehlik@upol.cz
tel.: +420 585 637 679

Questions related to the programme administration

Mgr. Radana Kuncová 
International Office
E-mail: radana.kuncova@upol.cz
tel.: +420 585 637 675

Mgr. Martin Verner
International Office
E-mail: martin.verner@upol.cz
tel.: +420 585 637 514